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Hungarian residency bond program is the fastest way to immigrate to Europe

The best way to obtain a permanent Schengen immigration and later a European passport for you and your family!

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Invest 300.000 EUR (get it back in 5 years) pay 60.000 EUR processing fee and get permanent Schengen visa for you and your family.

Why invest in the Hungarian residency bond program and immigrate to Europe:

  • No restrictions on country immigration investor is coming from – The Hungarian residency bond program is available for every nationality! Most of our clients moving to Europe come from North America, the Middle East, China, Pakistan and India, but investors from all over the world can get easy access to Europe and the Schengen visa zone through Hungary. Immigration to Europe is easier than ever!
  • Central European location, easy access by road, train or air, either from within or outside Europe. If you set up your headquarters in Hungary, you can reach all the major European cities within just a few hours – and with your Schengen visa, you can enter without any difficulties.
  • We are in the business for 10 years, offering business and immigration services to business people and their families moving to Europe. Apart from treating clients to a VIP service, we can assure you of the fastest resident permit process.
  • Immediate access to the Schengen visa zone, stable economy and political system, and sunny weather for most of the year
  • Business-friendly taxation (10% profit tax, the lowest in Europe)
  • Long life expectancy and excellent medical services
  • Low initial investment into government residency bond program: EUR 300,000 investment + EUR 60,000 processing fee guarantees residency in Hungary for you and your family. Moreover, apart from receiving a permanent resident permit (actually a Schengen visa), the sum you pay for the government bonds is fully returned at the end of the 5-year investment period. This is the best offer on the European market.
  • Many options for schooling your children in English, German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, etc.
  • Eligibility for Hungarian citizenship after the 5-year investment period, for the whole family
Immigration to Hungary is easier than to other European Union member states. At this point, Hungary allows all nationals to make investments, own property, start business, and acquire work permit or resident visa without restriction. With the living costs quite low compared to other EU countries, getting residency through investment into Hungarian government bond is a convenient option.
Acquiring a permanent resident permit through investment into government bonds is a standard procedure in some European countries. However, the residency bond program in Hungary offers the best package in Europe. The investment amount is only EUR 300,000, which is repaid at the end of the 5-year investment period, making this a completely safe venture. The processing fee set by the government is not more than EUR 60,000, which includes the work of the state investment company, the lawyers’ work, and all the assistance necessary for obtaining the Hungarian permanent resident permit for you and your family.
At the end of the five-year period, you may decide whether you want to invest the sum into the Hungarian government bond again or want it back. Whatever you decide, your permanent resident permit will not be withdrawn. However, you will have to renew it for the next five years, just like a driving licence. After another 3 years, you become eligible for Hungarian citizenship instead of the permanent resident permit – however, an expedited citizenship option for residency bond holders will most likely become available before the end of 2014. Hungarian citizenship makes you entitled for further prerogatives, e.g. using a Hungarian passport, with which you can travel without a visa not only in the Schengen zone but to the UK, Canada, and the USA.

The stable political and economical environment and the low corporate tax makes Hungary ideal for setting up a European company as well. The company set-up itself takes only a few days, and the company will automatically receive an EU VAT number, making commerce with any EU companies really easy.

If you invest EUR 300,000 into the Hungarian residency bond program, you and your family members will receive a permanent resident permit even if you decide not to move to Hungary. However, why wouldn’t you come? Hungary is located in the centre of Europe, which makes it an excellent place to travel to and from. Roads, railways and facilities for air traffic make is easy to access, while with your Schengen visa you can quickly reach all the major European cities from Hungary. The infrastructure is well developed: the networks of roads, mobile phone and internet providers make living here very comfortable. Schooling is possible in several languages, including English, German, French, etc. Even the weather is mild: the winters are not extremely cold, the summers are not tropically hot, and there is a lot of sun all year.

Come and get a permanent resident permit in Hungary! The Hungarian state offers the best value for their government bonds. The investment sum and the processing fee are the lowest in Europe, while the worth of a Hungarian permanent resident permit is priceless. Ask for more information, and decide for yourself!