In a strategic move, the Hungarian government has just announced their intention to introduce a new and improved golden visa option for investors, termed the “guest investor residence permit.” This initiative is intended to strengthen Hungary at the forefront of attractive investment residency options within the European Union.

What Sets Hungary’s Golden Visa Program Apart?

Once the proposal gets accepted by the Hungarian Parliament, investors exploring Europe’s latest golden visa program have a variety of options at their disposal:

  1. 1. EUR 250,000 investment: Investors can purchase bonds issued by a real estate fund registered with the Hungarian National Bank (MNB).
  2. 2. EUR 500,000 investment: This option involves acquiring Hungarian...

The Hungarian Investment Immigration Program has been suspended since April 2017. Now rumor has it might as well come back to life soon. As the legislation did not change, only the sale of bonds is discontinued, it is in fact legit to ask: Will it really restart?

A brief history of the program

The law setting the framework of the program was accepted back in 2012. This made investors making a significant contribution to the Hungarian economy eligible for Hungarian permanent residency. The “significant contribution” consists of the purchase of government bonds, which can be sold after 5 years, without losing the permanent resident permit – since it is “permanent”. Some aspects changed over the years (a...

Hungary: Immigration by Investment

Is it time to move to Europe?

Hungary has developed an innovative way to attract productive citizens to its population while also gaining important investors in its financial growth. It’s an immigration by investment program. You can become a permanent resident, which gives you access to the European business market, through an investment of EUR 300,000 (plus a EUR 60,000 government processing fee. Hungary’s investment process is one of the least expensive kind in Europe. It works quickly, too. You will receive your residency permit within 1-2 months.

Your investment will, after five years, give you, your spouse, and your minor children full citizenship and access. You will be able to travel freely within Schengen countries...

Hungary safe central European country that welcomes newcomers with new visions and ideas. Hungary is a great place to live, and work. Good connectivity with rest of Europe and the Middle East and other parts of the world.

The Hungarian Residency Bond Program offers you the golden opportunity to make an investment that will change the course of your personal and professional life. For an initial investment of EUR 360,000, you, your spouse, and your minor children can become residents of EU and Hungary. The truly amazing part is that, after a five year period, you’ll receive a refund of EUR 300,000. So, in essence, for EUR 60,000, you will be able to become a permanent Hungarian/EU resident and to move to Europe with your entire family in a matter of weeks.

Why should...

Hungary is a welcoming, safe European country that welcomes newcomers with open arms. Hungary is not only a great place for you and your family to live, but it’s currently a major springboard spot for upstart businesses. Could permanent EU residency and later citizenship help you foster your business so that your future goals will be met and surpassed?

The Hungarian Residency by Investment option is a realistic way to kickstart your European dream.

Hungarian residency is available through the investment in bonds. An initial investment of EUR 300,000 plus a processing fee of EUR 60,000 will give you the key to European life. Hungary is currently a tremendously popular spot for start-up businesses and your residency will give you free access to Schengen countries without a...