European investment residency

European investment residency programs are the most prestigious in the world. With the European Central Bank’s announcement of a new bond buying stimulus program, investing in Europe is turning into a good step towards securing a sturdy financial future. So the ability to move freely through Europe comes in handy.

Many European countries are attracting foreign investors by using investment residency plans. These are more commonly referred to as golden visas. Through investing in a certain country one can not only gain financial boons, but they will also acquire a residence permit, which functions as a passport within the Schengen visa zone.

Of all the European countries, Hungary offers the easiest investment citizenship programs. The investment plan for Hungarian government bonds that also grants a resident permit to the investor is the following. For EUR 300,000 one gets a five-year residence permit and a full return on the initial investment. This does not include processing fees which may vary based on certain factors such as family size.

The five-year resident permit received after the investment is already a “permanent” one, but it has to be renewed after five years, and after eight years, one may apply for citizenship. It is because of these things that Hungarian investment citizenship is widely regarded as the best available in Europe.

Whichever investment residency you choose, it will definitely put you on stable financial grounds. Europe’s economy has always shown great resilience and the ability to overcome all odds, so now that Europe is opening its doors to foreign investors, it comes as good news to anyone interested in investing. And the chance to get a permanent residence permit which can be your passport to all European countries only sweetens the deal.

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