Hungarian ID card – Electronic ID coming from 2016

Hungary is on the way to make the life of ID card holders easier. From 2016 January, a new electronic ID will be introduced, which will combine the Hungarian ID card, address card, social security card, and tax card.

Currently, you need these four cards if you want to get any paperwork done. However, from 2016 January, everyone eligible for a Hungarian ID card will have the chance to apply for an electronic ID instead of their Hungarian ID card, which will merge the above mentioned four documents, making paperwork and electronic administration easier to everyone. It will even come with an electronic signature option, which can add extra security to your contracts (by giving probative value to your electronic documents).

How can you get hold of your new, electronic Hungarian ID card?

For now, the new, electronic Hungarian ID card will be available for those eligible for a Hungarian ID card. It will NOT replace Hungarian passports, permanent resident permit, temporary resident permits, or work permits.

Also, you don’t have to switch to the new ID card if your old plastic ID is not yet expiring. The processing fee for the application will be HUF 1,500 for cards expiring within 60 days, and HUF 5,000 if you want to get the new type Hungarian ID card before that.

Watch this space for more information on the introduction of the new, electronic Hungarian ID card!