Hungarian investment citizenship

Hungarian investment citizenship program is one of the few in EU. Europe’s economy is slowly but surely on the rise. With the European Central Bank’s bond program, certain stocks on the European market are looking better than ever. But who really benefits from all this? There are two answers to that. First of all, the citizens of countries in the Schengen visa zone. Second, the people who’ve invested wisely in Europe. Best of all, there is an easy way to benefit from both of these.

Getting a permanent resident permit in the Schengen visa zone has never been easier. By investing in European government bonds, you can get a permanent resident permit, which grants you the freedom of citizenship in Europe, and you will also have invested in one of the world’s most promising economies. Permanent resident permits have the benefit of functioning like a passport within the Schengen visa zone, allowing for the free movement around Europe that is available to everyone with European citizenship.

Resident permits paves the way for many other benefits as well. E.g. you can more easily gain access to paid employment and the right to good working conditions, which means good working hours, health and safety standards, and suitable pay. All in all, having a permanent resident permit affords you many of the advantages of holding citizenship within the European Union.

Additionally, your investments can bring you various returns. For example, an investment of EUR 300,000 in Hungarian government bonds will yield a full return on the initial investment after five years. For those looking for full citizenship in the Schengen visa zone, Hungary offers investment citizenship after eight years of permanent residence. Moreover, expedited citizenship may become available later.

Grabbing the opportunity to invest in Europe has never been more beneficial. With access to the Schengen visa zone and profitable investments, Europe is doing its best to attract foreign investors looking for a rewarding financial future.