Hungarian Residency by Investment

Hungary is a welcoming, safe European country that welcomes newcomers with open arms. Hungary is not only a great place for you and your family to live, but it’s currently a major springboard spot for upstart businesses. Could permanent EU residency and later citizenship help you foster your business so that your future goals will be met and surpassed?

The Hungarian Residency by Investment option is a realistic way to kickstart your European dream.

Hungarian residency is available through the investment in bonds. An initial investment of EUR 300,000 plus a processing fee of EUR 60,000 will give you the key to European life. Hungary is currently a tremendously popular spot for start-up businesses and your residency will give you free access to Schengen countries without a visa or border control. Imagine the broad demographic that would become accessible.

The really attractive part of this investment is that you receive a full refund of the EUR 300,000 after five years. So, when it comes right down to it, you’re receiving citizenship for your whole family for EUR 60,000. Hungary offers one of the least expensive programs of this sort available.

So, after five years, you become citizens with full privileges and you receive your EUR 300,000 back. This puts you and your family in a very sweet spot. It’s a win/win situation. Hungary benefits through your financial investment and by the addition of new, industrious members of its population. You benefit by acquiring a new, safe peaceful place of residency that is fertile for the growth of your dreams.

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