Immigration to Europe by investment

These days the most popular for immigration to Europe is buying government bonds. Through this investment, you become eligible for a resident permit, or in some cases to citizenship, which allows you to move freely within Europe.

The best offer in Europe is currently provided by the Hungarian government. Through investing EUR 300,000 into Hungarian government bonds for five years, you become eligible for a Hungarian permanent resident permit for yourself and your family. The Hungarian permanent resident permit is as good as a golden visa to Europe: as Hungary is a member state of the EU and the Schengen visa zone, you can travel freely within the Schengen zone, without a visa or a passport, just with your permit.

After 5 years, when the investment period ends, the investment agency pays you back the EUR 300,000 – without any interests, but without any risks either. However, you can keep your resident permit, since it is a “permanent” resident permit.

The cost you have to actually pay is the EUR 55,000-65,000 government processing fee, which includes liaising with the investment agency, the lawyers and authorities, together with VIP service throughout the whole process.

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