The future of the Hungarian Investment Immigration Program

The Hungarian Investment Immigration Program has been suspended since April 2017. Now rumor has it might as well come back to life soon. As the legislation did not change, only the sale of bonds is discontinued, it is in fact legit to ask: Will it really restart?

A brief history of the program

The law setting the framework of the program was accepted back in 2012. This made investors making a significant contribution to the Hungarian economy eligible for Hungarian permanent residency. The “significant contribution” consists of the purchase of government bonds, which can be sold after 5 years, without losing the permanent resident permit – since it is “permanent”. Some aspects changed over the years (a financing option was introduced, the investment threshold was raised to EUR 300,000, some “bugfixes” enabled investors not to have a registered address and bring their dependent parents as well as children), but the gist remained the same: you buy the bonds, pay the processing fee (EUR 60,000), and you can apply together with the whole family.

When the program was suspended in April 2017, nothing much changed: the framework was not removed. The only difference is that the Hungarian treasury is currently not selling the Residency Bonds – which can be remedied easily once MPs in the Hungarian Parliament agree on it.

The Investment Migration Forum 2017

The Hungarian Investment Immigration Program was highly praised by a Chinese speaker at the Forum, Larry Wang, president of the investment firm Well Trend United. He emphasized that the Hungarian procedure is simple and fast. Other participants of the Forum included academics, government officials, lawyers, investment and immigration experts from 40 countries around the world. Several of them commented that it is usual for investment immigration programs to be suspended from time to time, and then be restarted. This way they expect the Hungarian program to also restart, maybe even as early as next year.

You do not have to wait!

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