European investment residency programs are the most prestigious in the world. With the European Central Bank’s announcement of a new bond buying stimulus program, investing in Europe is turning into a good step towards securing a sturdy financial future. So the ability to move freely through Europe comes in handy.

Many European countries are attracting foreign investors by using investment residency plans. These are more commonly referred to as golden visas. Through investing in a certain country one can not only gain financial boons, but they will also acquire a residence permit, which functions as a passport within the Schengen visa zone.

Of all the European countries, Hungary offers the...

Are you interested in investing in Europe? Want to know what is the best golden visa in Europe? Look no further. Hungarian government bonds offer simple and straightforward access to Europe. Hungary is doing its best to attract foreign investors by giving them residence permits through the purchase of government bonds. This allows for unparalleled access to the Schengen visa zone.

Investing in Hungary now gives you a five-year residence permit with a chance of a full return on your investment after five years. The way to get your golden visa to Hungary is really easy. With an investment of EUR 300,000, you not only get your five-year residence permit, you can look forward to getting a EUR 300,000 return on your investment once the five years are up. This amount does not include...

The Hungarian Investment Immigration Program is considered one of the best residency programs in the World, since other countries either ask for a much more expensive contribution - the price of the Hungarian Investment Immigration program is just EUR 300,000 and EUR 60,000 assigned government fee, where the full investment contribution will be returned after five years - or they are tying contribution to buying expensive property with very big additional contributions and no guarantee for the investment.

The Hungarian Investment Immigration Program guarantees you and your family PERMANENT SCHENGEN VISA in just eight days and access to 26 countries:

•Czech republic

As the agent selling Hungarian Residency Bonds we are getting daily questions about what are the benefits of immigration to Hungary. Here are some answers:

-Hungary is one of the most stable countries in the world.
-Also one of the safest countries.
-Hungary is welcoming investment immigration from ALL nations!
-Dual citizenship is allowed.
-There is a possibility of schooling children in most bigger world languages.
-Fantastic medical facilities.
-Great location in the center of Europe with one of the best transportation possibilities in the European Union.
-Successful migration with full family.
-Possibility of establishing a company and trading across European Union without any customs.

Price of the Hungarian Residency...

Since early 2014. Hungarian government introduced Hungarian Residency Bond Program which allowed investors to apply to fast track permanent residency in Hungary. Our company has been authorized agent for selling the program and already processed a large number of clients. Majority of those are coming from Middle East, Africa, Russia and Ukraine. Current price is 300.000 EUR (to be fully returned in 5 years) and 60.000 EUR (government processing fee) If you need more info on a bond investment program please write to to Muhammad Shaban, or simply call +36 1 317 8570. We speak Hungarian, English, German, Farsi, Spanish and Serbocroatian.